What we Recycle

Box & Paper

Office papers gets collected from various offices within our areas. Our client base includes the ATKV offices, Morgenster Olive and Wine Estate, various Attorneys, Doctors and Architectures offices. We also collect boxes. Either scrap boxes or boxes for re-use are collected from various clients.

Aluminium & Steel

We except beverage & food cans gets from restaurants and Homes. We are in partnership with Collect-a-Can, so most of our cans gets recycled by them.


Ever wonder what to do with all that broken wooden pallets piling up at your factory? We have the perfect solution for you.

Phone us and we will collect them.


We accept the following plastics.







What We Are Doing ?

We eliminate poverty and pollution within our communities, through the recycling initiative.

Employment opportunities are created through the collecting, sorting and selling of recyclable materials. 

 How do we do it?

We provide a service for On-site Waste Management at Retailers and Factories. Employment is created by employing people on site and being responsible to separate the waste.

We also do On-Site EVENT WASTE MANAGEMENT, we take care of all recyclables that is generated at your event.

We assist schools with Recycling initiatives, through one of our partners. We at Johencar Recycling in turns buy the collected recyclable material from the schools and the school generate some funding for themselves. 

At a nominal monthly fee we also do Private Residential Estates. Fees goes towards, collecting cost and Separation cost.

Our collecting radius stretch from Stellenbosch and its bordering neighbourhoods as well as the following other places: Kuils River, Eerste River, Strand/Somerset West, Grabouw, Brackenfell and Belville areas.

We also Buy-Back waste from other waste collectors, thus also creating Entrepreneurs.

Recent Work


Collected material get sorted and Baled.

On Site Waste Management

Separation at source at one of our Clients.


Collection taken place

Event Waste Management

Choc Fest 2018

Think Green ! Save Money

PET Bottles Recycle Rate (SA)


Plastic Recycling (SA)


Paper Recycling Rate (SA)


Aluminium Cans Rate (SA)