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Our History

Johencar Recycling started back in 2010 in Stellenbosch. Our first client was Chele Beverages, a very small beverage company. Thereafter more clients came on board, most businesses in Stellenbosch started to call us to collect their recycling materials.

During 2011, moved into our first premises in Plankenburg, Stellenbosch. Occupying 3 small upstairs rooms at Vince Niemands Place. Here the father and Son Due excelled, even there own small manual press to bale LLDPE (wrap plastics). In the beginning years all collected materials was daily delivered to a small scrap yard in Stellenbosch. Prices for products was not the greatest, long hours, hard work and barely making it at the end of the month. But perseverance was the rule.

By end of 2011, the venue at Plankenburg became to small for the corporation as well as Mr. Recycling became a neighbor of Johencar, this forced us to look for new premises. New premises was secured at the Olden Molen Building just behind the Stellenbosch Station. Somewhat bigger place to do business from but the local company that was servicing us daily, did not fulfill there obligations and we were force to search for another company to   service us.

Soon we out grow the Olden Molen building and we were on the move again.

This time around we made a move towards the Koelenhof side of Stellenbosch. Renting premises from the Wirth family, adjoining the Nooitgedacht farm. Here the corporation stayed for 2 years. They met one gentleman named Mr. Freddy F, he made it possible that the duo met the people from Mpact recycling. The encounter with the 2 gentlemen from Johannesburg made it possible that there path crossed those of Org vd Wath, the then Branch Manager of Mpact Recycling Cape Town. He help the corporation to get there first loan baler. Now the small corporation was granted the opportunity to swim in the ocean of recycling. 2012 also had its downs, the contract with Chele Beverages came to an end the company and they were left in the dark, but again they prevail and came out stronger.

more later……….

Our Vision

Our Vision is to help ensure a healthy environment for today and for tomorrow.

Also to be part of the solution to create employment and eliminate poverty.



Our Future

Our Future plans it to branch out into smaller areas within the Western Cape, especially where the lack of waste management and recycling is taken place.

Why Choose Us?


Cost effective

Our pricing for on-site waste management and collections are competitive and cost effective.


Job Creation

When you choose us to do your on-site waste management you help us to create employment opportunities.


B-BEE Score

JHC RECYCLING comply with the B-BEE score card and is a 100% black-owned business.

The Team


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