office paper bins script
office wheelie bins

We now offer a office paper Recycling Bin. Bins are rented at a nominal monthly fee. Contact to get pricing.

office paper shredding script

Johencar offer a off-site office paper shredding service. Contact for detail

cable stripping service
cable scrap

We now offer a copper wire stripping service, we will strip the plastic and safely dispose of it. You in turn sell it to the highest payer.

bin washing
wheelie bin

We now offer a domestic bin cleaning/washing services. Contact us for more information.



Contact for more information

styrofoam recycling
PS recycle

Please let us collect all your scrap Styrofoam (PS). Expanded as well as HIPS pre or post consumer materials. Clean or dirty.


Contact for more information

mini skipbin rentals
PMS-Colour-flyer 400

Phone us to book your skip bin for Recycling materials as well general waste.


Contact us for more information