Plastic Recycling – A Numbers Game

Plastic Recycling – The Magnificent 7 and beyond.

Plastics are sorted and listed on a number system, each number represent a specific polymer. I will now mentioned and list each one and give examples of each product and its recyclability. I will also state if we recycle the mentioned plastic.



a. ♳ PET


First on the list is Polyethylene Terephthalate, better known as PET. Recycled PET is known as rPET.

Look for the  Symbol underneath a product.

Examples of PET include Soda and Water bottles. As well as the Fair Cape bottle.  These are widely recycled and gets recycled into new bottles and polyester fibers.

Other package materials also gets manufactured from PET, but these products are not highly recyclable, in South Africa there is no recycling market for it. Examples of this will be salad containers, Sandwich containers, Fruit and Veg containers and Cake and platter domes. Remember to check the recycling label, if it is a number 1 and it is one of the above non-recyclable, rethink your purchase.

We will gladly except Soda bottles 2L, 1L and 440ml. All types of water and Juice bottles with the  on them.



b.   ♴ HDPE

High Density Polyethylene, HD or HDPE for short. This material gets recognized by the  symbol or the abbreviation HD. Blow molding plastics are mostly used for packaging of detergent bottles, Also milk containers, as well as hair products. 

We gladly will except blow molding containers. Look out for the symbol


c.  ♵ PVC

     Polyvinyl Chloride better known as PVC. It’s a widely used plastic. Most rigid pipes are made from this. Plastic containers are also make from PVC as well as shoe soles. Globally the trend is to ban the use and manufacturing of PVC, world organisations are saying it is not good for the environment nor human usage.

We DO NOT recycle this, we do not have market to sell it too. We do receive request for Rigid materials as well as soft PVC. Contact us if you recycle this material.


d.   ♶ LDPE

Low Density Polyethylene, LD or LDPE for short. Examples of LDPE film plastics, like shopping bags, other soft film plastics found on your laundry package. Clothing plastic packaging as well as plastics used to package beverages.

Bulk wine bottles are covered with LDPE.

Palette Shrink-wrap is a LLDPE plastic ( we except it also) 

We recycle LDPE.

e.  ♷ PP

Polypropylene (PP) is fifth on the list, some bottles, tubs and containers are made from PP. It’s also use in clothes and making ropes.

We will except your 5l – 25L buckets, Ice Cream and Yogurt Tubs. 

f.    ♸ PS

Polystyrene is the last of the common list of recyclables. Polystyrene symbol is number 6 and the PS sign will be on a product. In general it is known as fomalite plastics. The Styrofoam white cups are made from PS. Also most packing peanuts and the foam around your new TV and fridge are mostly Polystyrene. It is lightweight material and not widely recycled, even though it is 100% recyclable. Those that recycle them wants clean products not contaminated, but it end up mostly at landfill because of its lightness. Other common PS is CD and DVD cases, wall skirtings, picture frames, cosmetic bags, costume jewellery

Contact us if you have any PS materials, we may be able to assist you in recycling it.

g.   ♹ Others

Number 7 plastics are a combination of different plastics forming something new or it is just totally new and not widely recycled yet. Examples of numers 7 plastics:   




Polyactic Fibers



Large quantities (over a Ton) on a continues basis will be considered.