The Recycling Story

The Steps of Recycling

A. Separation at Source…… At home/work


Recycling start at our homes.

When you place your recyclables or non-recyclable waste items into the correct container or bag, you have already completed step 1 in the recycling process: separation at source.

This is the most important step within the recycling chain, when your waste gets place into the right pile, it will end at the correct recycling plant.

To make it easier for you, separate your waste as follows:

1. One bag for all paper products (Cardboard, Office Paper, Newspaper, Magazines) 

2. A bag for all plastic products (Milk Bottles, Soda Bottles, Grocery bags, six pack shrink wrap, Ice Cream and Yogurt containers)

3. 1 Bag for all Can products ( Beverage Cans, Food Cans and Aerosol Cans)

4. A Bag for all glass goodies, beer bottles, glass jars and wine bottles. ( No Cups or Plates  (they are Non Recyclable)

The same principle need to be applied at our workplaces and learning institutions.



B. Collection and Further separation


The material then gets collected, and transported to a Material Recovery Facility (MRF), at the local MRF the collected goods gets separated into each correct category, Plastics have more then 7 different categories, hence the number and triangle system at the bottom of the product. Even paper products gets separated as well as the metal ones.

After they completed that important work, the material get ready to get baled.



C. Collection by Recycling Companies

After we have baled the products and separated it into its unique categories, it get transported off to Recycling plants or Mills. 

Paper and cardboard goes to paper mills that create new materials from it.

Plastics gets transported to Recyclers and they granulate, wash and peletised. In its pellet form it gets mix with virgin material to create a new item.

Glass goes off to Consol, South Africa’s only Glass recycling company. 

Metal get send to Mills or exported overseas.

Remember!!!! Your role in the process to recycling is important.




The Team